Monday, 28 July 2008

Final favourite conversations with old people:

Finished work on Saturday. Here are some of the highlights of my final weeks there:

Old lady 1 (as I'm saying good night): "Turn the light off will you? It's cheaper than falling down the stairs"

Old lady 1 (at the dinner table): "They should do a test to see who has the most electrically wired utensils...and outfits! A test for fun!"

Old Lady 1 (While I am standing at her sink waiting for the water to warm up and she is sitting in her chair chattering away to herself as usual): "Ha ha children you see...ha ha ha....home-made escalator..."

Old Lady 2 (while I'm making her bed for her): "You're doing a good job there Bill"

Old Lady 3 (to ME): Can you hand me that bread-maker please Pam?
Me (Thinking "Pam?? Breadmaker??"): Bread-maker?
Old Lady 3: Yes that little black one on the table!
Me (all I can see is a remote control and a phone. The phone is white....): the remote control?
Old lady 3: Yes!

Names that old lady 3 (above) called me in the space of one conversation while I was giving her a bath:


Good times. I will miss them.

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OMF Web said...

Alison, you realise that they are just having fun at you're expense.
When you're back is turned, they're cracking up (and then blogging about it). I intend to do the same.