Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I love this picture...#4

This picture reminds me of my favourite bit of one of my favourite of books - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S.Lewis. I took this picture during a boat-ride on the 'largest fresh-water swamp in Thailand' (the word swamp makes it seem more exciting than it is - it's really just like a big lake!) which happens to be in Nakhon Sawan where I live.

I took this photo, imagining I was actually in the book! I want to take you, in your imagination, to the end of the book. The passengers of the Dawn Treader have sailed almost to the end of the world, they are heading towards 'Aslan's Country' and as they get closer, everything gets brighter, the water tastes sweet and fresh, they feel more alive and full of joy and they even start getting younger!

The water is smooth and everything is still and calm.

The last part of the sea, before the Dawn Treader must turn around and go back and some of the crew must go on into Aslan's Country, is covered in lilies. They name it 'the silver sea'. The carpet of lilies in my picture is not quite the same, there's no white flowers....but just use your imagination and soak in this picture made of words from the book:

"...And when after some consultation the Dawn Treader turned back into the current and began to glide eastwards through the Lily Lake or the Silver Sea (they tried both these names but it was the Silver Sea that stuck and is now on Caspian's map) the strangest part of their travels began. Very soon the open sea which they were leaving was only a thin rim of blue on the western horizon. Whiteness shot with faintest colour of gold spread round them on every side except just astern, where their passage had thrust the lilies apart, and left an open lane of water, that shone like dark green glass."

It made me happy imagining being in that part of the book as I lay in the sun watching as we made our way through the still 'lily lake'. It made me happy because it made me think of getting nearer to heaven, just like in the book Reepicheep and the children were all the time getting closer to where Aslan lived.

And we are getting closer. Every day.

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