Thursday, 25 June 2009

Brown...the new black?

So, a friend said to me the other day:

'I have noticed you like to wear a lot of dark colours'

Today I realised what she meant!

I just finished ironing and folding clothes and was starting think about packing to go away on a conference tomorrow when I noticed a distinct theme in my is mostly brown! I will have to think carefully about the clothes I take away...if I get the balance slightly wrong I may end up wearing brown trousers and a brown t-shirt on the same day!

And to think that when I was a child brown was my most hated colour and the colour I was certain I would NEVER wear! So fickle...

Still...think I should probably get some new clothes!


Karl said...

My wife wore lots of dark colors (brown, forest green, etc) before we got married but then I told her how good she looked in red, pink, white, etc. and the rest is history :-)

I am who I am said...

not like me
I have a lot colourful clothes expecialy pink

love you