Thursday, 13 September 2007


Me and Sarah were talking on the way home from badminton tonight about how kids aren't encouraged to use their imaginations anymore (it was the typical old lady-esque chatter - 'it's not how it used to be you know, not like the good old days...'!)

And it made me think...where are the days where I could imagine a whole world existing in the bathroom sink or the Christmas tree, or inside a pebble? When I was in Thailand I began to be more curious about the world again, I began to think sideways and upside down and 4 dimensionally. I remembered what it is like to plumb the depths of imagination and creativity. It was probably all those new things I was experiencing all the time.

So I have decided that I am going to use my imagination more. And I will write my imaginings here on this blog. They won't be like stories...I haven't got time to do that...just thoughts...or questions.

First one:

Is the colour pink innately girly? Or do we just associate it with girliness because it always has been? If every new generation had no knowledge at all of what previous generations had decided, would pink still be chosen to represent girls and blue to represent boys? Or would we choose something completely different? In fact, would we choose a colour to represent masculinity and femininity at all? Or this time would it perhaps be a shape or a sound?

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doze said...

really good point bout colours...i think we have no reason to expect them to remain the same. is it that way in other cultures? i'm pretty sure there's nothing innately girly about pink. and yet isn't it such a battle to get our brains to think outside the box??