Tuesday, 6 November 2007

A song...

I am hard pressed on every side
but I'm not crushed
I feel pulled to pieces but inside I know I'm not
Feel's like the world's caving in
Find it hard to breathe
The water is rising won't you come and rescue me

I'm on my knees
O God please come to me

I fall into your loving arms

You wrap me up and I'm secure
Patiently you whisper to me you have a plan
To hold on it won'r be long and you understand
You know my every need
You won't abandon me

Sick inside today I'm struggling to pray
And my head is spinning cause I cannot see the way
I'm in need of direction
everything seems so unclear
O my God are you out there or is this falling on deaf ears?

I'm on my knees
O God please come to me


Miracles You will do
as I come and put my hope in you

- Lou and Nathan Fellingham

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Jennie said...

I love that song.