Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Thai Cultural Lessons #1 [Bread]

Despite bread not being a particularly Thai thing, there are many different types of bread in Thailand.

I have sampled most of the breads available in 7/11 and the one pictured above is the only one I have found that:

a) is not sweet
b) does not contain meat that looks like hair
c) is not sweet AND containing meat that looks like hair


Kayjay said...

I've always thought british bread was lacking something.
Mmmm hair-like meat...

Your blog just crashed my computer 3 times. Even in Thailand you're annoying.

peterdray said...

I never managed to find non-sweet bread - good work Alison Joy Young! I just sat down to have a quick peruse while the kettle boiled, and got so engrossed/encouraged/amused/moved that I read all the way back to when I last commented, which I think was last September. I found your entry on culture/comfort particularly challenging and helpful, although I also very much enjoyed the menus and the Blandness notebook, but for more nostalgic than spiritual reasons :-) It was also good to be reminded to pray for the Karen - in fact I think I may have been to that Compassion place, so thanks for that reminder too. Thanks for keeping us informed. Keep up the good work, you're a total star. Linda x x