Friday, 29 May 2009

Thai Cultural Lessons #2 [Packaging]

This is what happens when you open a packet of crisps in Thailand.


Because packaging in Thailand is designed to be extremely difficult to open. It occurred to me today that this could be to ensure the non-entrance of ants? The problem is it very nearly keeps me out too!!

Other packaging I have found difficult to open include: bread, plastic bottles, ironing board, cuppa soup...

[Disclaimer: This is not a criticism against Thai culture, though on bad days I have been known to let it bug me! But if I am completely honest, I tend to have problems getting into packing the world over...does anybody else have this problem?]


Ormo said...

Nice packet annihilation work!

In Japan every packet has a technique to opening it, if you don't know the trick it's like trying to get into fort knox, know the trick and it is like a hot knife through butter...

Maybe Thailand has packaging opening tricks...?

ansy said...

what ever happened to the good old scissors to cut open packets?
and some kitchen-scissors have been designed [by it's handle] to have grips, in order to open bottles too.....

hehe.... but yeh. ants ants ants. gotta keep them out.

nah it's to seal off humidity that may affect the product inside. in order to prolong shelf-life.