Thursday, 1 October 2009

7/11 dinners

Some days I don't feel like eating rice for dinner. Some days I don't feel like eating with other people and making conversation in Thai. And those days are called '7/11 dinner days'. This is a typical 7/11 dinner, (all items purchased from 7/11 except for some fruit from the fruit stall outside the Youth House to make it seem slightly healthier!):

Lays Crisps (this is a slightly larger bag than I would typically buy) - 20 baht
Chocolate Milk - 9.75 baht
Biscuits - 12 baht
Water melon - 10 baht
Sausage and Cheese toastie - 22 baht
TOTAL: 73.75 baht

This is about twice what it would cost for a rice meal across the road followed by fruit from the fruit stall, so I try not to do it too often. Interestingly though, it also around 3 times less than what it would cost to buy a sandwich in the UK.

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