Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I have a problem...


I just can't get enough of them.

Let me give you some statistics. These are the notebooks I have that I can say with all honesty are in current use (simultaneously for several different purposes):

That is 16.

Then there's all my 'retired notebooks', ones which are either genuinely full or have served their purpose. That's another 7. On the opposite end of the scale are notebooks waiting to be used (i.e. waiting to become my new journal or something!) I currently have 4.

Total: 27 notebooks. (not counting notebooks I have in my possession that are waiting to become a gift for somebody else!)

I am just was bad when I lived in the UK, but now that I live in Thailand, surrounded by a plethora of hilarious and cheap notebooks, it is much worse! Here are 2 I bought today which i think may be some of my favourite yet in terms of hilarity! Others may feature at a later date.

Sometimes I want to write something down, but then get so stressed at having to decide which notebook it should go in, that I decide not to write it down at all. That is why I usually try make sure one of my notebooks is a 'general notebook', for the purposes of writing down miscellaneous items. Other times I have dilemmas trying to decide what kind of use a given notebook should be put to!

Oh the cost of notebook love!!

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Izzy said...

I love your love of notebooks! I have the same problem, although it is not so extreme. I remember you telling me about this before and glad you're keeping it up! My dilemma is sometimes choosing which one to buy!