Monday, 10 May 2010

Thai Cultural Lessons #7 [Eating Out]

In Thailand eating out is the norm - hard to imagine in western culture where you only eat out on special occasions! This is because it is (a) cheaper to eat out and (b) easier to eat out.

I never need to cook a meal, EVER in Thailand. I could buy 3 meals a day at restaurants in my street and it would cost me in total no more than 60 baht (around 1 pound!).

So let me introduce you to two of my very own favourite locals.

Introducing...Sneezing Restaurant:

Features of sneezing restaurant:
  • you are guaranteed to sneeze every time you go there, due to peppery things that are being cooked (presumably!?)
  • when you put cold drinks in the plastic cups you get what I like to call the 'phenomenon of the dry-ice smoke-cup effect' (catchy!)
  • when the restaurant is closed the tin roof folds down to become a door!

Introducing...MSG Restaurant: 

 Features of MSG Restaurant:
  • The extreme amounts of MSG in the food make it very yummy!
  • the lady who makes the food (called 'MSG lady') is very friendly.
  • I do not have to order - I just go in and sit down, and MSG lady sees me and says 'your usual?' and starts getting it for me!
  • Me and my Chinese housemates call this our 'second home' - going there is like walking into our own home!
  • It is totally acceptable (in fact normal!) to just take your own plate over and get her to fill it up, then take it back home (just across the road) to eat! I LOVE that feature!
When Caroline was here (OMF colleague, now in UK on Home Assignment) we would usually take it in turns to go to sneezing restaurant (her fave) and MSG restaurant (my fave!) on alternate days. Despite the unfortunate sneezing side affect, I do agree that sneezing restaurant is probably better (meaning healthier), but MSG restaurant is just so yummy and friendly! I love it. I will miss it.

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