Monday, 10 May 2010

Note to self (2): things to appreciate about Thailand in the next month and a half before i leave...

  • wonderful Thai friends
  • the fact that it's almost always possible to get somewhere door to door by public transport! (and cool public transport at that!)
  • 'Bum-sprays' (see HERE for a very important read about Thailand's alternative to loo roll - I'm just not sure how I'm ever going to feel clean again without one...!)
  • being able to go outside in the dark and not feel cold AT ALL!
  • the pace of life in Thailand and general laid-back-ness to everything!
  • never having to cook! In particular I am going to miss MSG restaurant.
  • being allowed to fit as many people as possible in a car (esp. pick-up trucks!)
  • geckos
  • singing in Thai
  • availability of hilarious stationary - for example here and here and this:  

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