Wednesday, 29 October 2008

'a frog fries the garlic' - only 50 baht!

So, today was my last day in Lopburi for the time being. I finished the second module of my language study and I move to Nakhon Sawan tomorrow. I celebrated mainly by eating sweet things. But a totally unexpected highlight of my day was lunch. I went to the Mosquito Restaurant with some of the other language learners (that is its official name by the way…its other official name is the Blue Restaurant…), and as we sat down we were handed a newly created English Menu. Concealing our laughter as we read it was difficult.

These are some of the dishes on offer in the Mosquito Restaurant:

Some of my favourites:

‘A frog fries the garlic’

‘Minced snake-head fish meat’

‘Mix noodles made of green’

‘Mix total up the friend’

‘Mix a pig praises’

‘Cook time squid hand, frame pig’

‘Cook time shrimp hand, fried rice the shrimp’

Even reading them now, for about the 50 millionth time, I am laughing my head off! Laughter truly is a wonderful gift! The Lord knows how to bless us when we’re least expecting it…and in very weird and wonderful ways!


Peter Passchier said...

Read all your posts from this year, and they're all pretty hilarious!! (Or profoundly profound of course...) I'll keep an eye out for them ;-).

Miyoba Scholtz said...

I have to agree with Peter - you don't have to be crazy to really enjoy your blog...but it does help:-)

I am going to hold you to your promise of treating us to "cook time squid hand, frame pig".....or rotty

ansy said...

mix the friend?!?!?! lol!

so funny..! i've been on the lookout [always] for language mishaps... clearly there are more in your country than mine. boo hoo.

Yuen-TIng said...

very funny indeed:)I guess those are just straight translations without taking heed of grammar or actual meanings in English. I think I would have had great difficulty containing laughter. But you're right, laughter is a gift, and a very good one too!